SecurEnvoy Reseller Training Courses

SecurEnvoy Technical Training

Type: 1 Day Technical Training for Reseller
Location: Infinigate UK Training Centre, London
Cost: Free of charge*

Date:  21st April 2015
9.00 - 17.30 (GMT)

In this one day training session with Tony Davis, you will receive hands-on training covering SecurEnvoy's product portfolio.

The course aims to provide the delegate with the skill required to install, administer and configure SecurEnvoy's innovative Authentications Security solutions and be able to support your customer's with a consistent, high quality experience. 

  • Introduction - Overview of Infinigate UK (Brief), Overview of SecurEnvoy + History
  • Overview - Company, products, 2FA, Concepts, awareness and understanding of terms and technologies
  • Preparation - Preparing the environment and installation (LDAP, SMS, Web and Radius Auth)
  • Installation - Installation of each of the components (SecurAccess, SecurICE, SecurPassword and SecurMail)
  • Administration - Administration, Configuration, Deployment Scenarios, Backup, Troubleshooting and debugging

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*A purchase order of £250 + VAT is required in order to book a delegate place on to these courses, this purchase order will only be invoiced if the delegate does not attend, please refer to FAQ for details of the cancellation policy

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 1/2 Day Technical Workshop

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Technical Workshop

Type: 1/2 Day Technical for End User
Location: Infinigate UK Training Centre, London

Dates for 2015: Tues 14th April

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DLP is a hot topic in the IT industry today and over the last years many companies around the globe have seen their sensitive data lost, stolen or disclosed to the outside world. Economic pressures on individuals and multiple ways of monetizing data on black markets have created opportunities to convert data into cash. In addition to this problem advances in technology and collaboration methods such as mobile devices or social media, have created new areas where data can leave the organisation and employees find difficult to distinguish between personal and business information.

Many data loss incidents are due to accidental or unintentional disclosure of information, in most cases end users use email to send business information to personal accounts to allow them working from home. Users are also copying business data onto portable devices of their choice such as mobile phones or tablets to be able to work remotely. This problem can be addressed by implementing DLP controls preventing from taking away sensitive business information. Too many times organisations choose not to protect sensitive electronic information risking financial or reputational loss. We have recognised the importance of DLP for organisations and took the opportunity to demonstrate how to protect business data from accidental or malicious leakage with introduction of DLP Workshop.

Our DLP workshop is a half day practical training course delivered by our highly skilled and widely recognised team of Technical consultants at Infinigate TechServices. This workshop consists of six lab sessions which aims to provide knowledge on a basic DLP implementation. Through use of multiple products such as Trustwave Secure Email Gateway, Titus Message Classification, Titus Document Classification and Wave Data Protection we will show how to contextualise data and block attempts at accidental or malicious leakage.

Workshop Topics

  • Blocking email attachments
  • Content Inspection with Trustwave SEG
  • Blocking emails based on Titus message classifications
  • Blocking documents based on Titus data classifications
  • Content inspection with advanced regular expressions
  • Protecting data leakage from endpoint machines with Wave DPS

Learning Outcomes 

  • Block or capture an email by attachment type to a designated folder
  • Create and apply a new TextCensor Script to a policy rule
  • Block or Classify documents and emails with using of Titus
  • Use Trustwave SEG to create a DLP rule based on email headers
  • Use advanced Trustwave SEG regular expression features
  • Create a new port blocking policy with use of Wave Data Protection Suite

This workshop is aimed at end users and resellers but also for anyone who wants to learn how to implement the DLP policy by classifying every piece of information and protecting the perimeter services and the end point. Following the workshop, attendees will be confident in implementing DLP controls using keywords, file types, email and document headers, regular expressions and securing end point machines.

*A purchase order of £250 + VAT is required in order to book a delegate place on to these courses, this purchase order will only be invoiced if the delegate does not attend, please refer to FAQ for details of the cancellation policy