Did You Know? January 2017 Facts

Infinigate’s Chris Payne provides us with 5 more interesting, short & sharp facts about what is happening in the IT security space...

DID YOU KNOW: The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 which was ushered into UK law with little fanfare in the latter part of 2016 gives public sector authorities such HMRC, police, military and the department of health the ability to exploit existing vulnerabilities in devices and computers to acquire data about the owner.

DID YOU KNOW: Yahoo are accused of being victim to the largest ever data breach with information regarding over 1 billion accounts being stolen between 2013 and 2016.

DID YOU KNOW: Bitcoin is making a renewed resurgence after a three year lull. In early January 2016, one bitcoin was being valued at just over $1,000, buoyed for the most part by the devaluation of China's Yuan, where bitcoin is used most prevalently given its levels of privacy.

DID YOU KNOW: Android was named 2016's buggiest product of 2016 with over 10,098 vulnerabilities being listed on Mitre’s CVE database. Maybe no surprise to those who have seen ransomware appearing on Android based smart TV's.

DID YOU KNOW: GDPR has been designed to make intra-EU trade easier. The idea is that with a baseline of security for personal information across all member states, companies will no longer need to educate themselves in local laws when trading or setting up business in a new territory.