Infinigate UK launches free, online GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool to enable organisations to comply with the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation

London, United Kingdom, 30th August 2017

Infinigate UK, a leading value-added IT security distributor announces the launch of their free, online GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool to help organisations comply with the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Introduced to keep pace with the modern digital landscape, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more extensive in scope and application than the current Data Protection Act (DPA). The new GDPR which is mandated to be adopted by May 2018, extends the data rights of individuals and requires organisations to develop clear policies and procedures to protect personal data and implement appropriate technical and organisational measures.

The GDPR introduces administrative fines that will be “effective, proportionate and dissuasive” – up to 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover or €20 million. By 25 May 2018, organisations collecting and processing EU residents' data will be required to make significant changes to policies, processes and contracts in order to meet the requirements of the GDPR.

The one question which many ponder is where to start? How do I begin the GDPR journey in the most effective way?

“Understanding where to begin is reliant on understanding where you currently stand. Very little in the pages of the GDPR are truly new or innovative, in fact one of the reasons the administrative penalties have received so much attention against other aspects is due in part to the unprecedented values. By assessing your GDPR posture today you can focus on those articles and tasks which will require the greatest effort and revealing quick wins in areas where you may already be compliant, or near to.” explains Murray Pearce, Managing Director at Infinigate UK.

Infinigate UK has released its own free, online GDPR Readiness Assessment tool to help organisations start their journey to compliance. “We’re one of the very few companies out there offering this type of free, online GDPR assessment. After answering 23 multi-choice questions regarding your current privacy policy, a custom report is emailed free-of-charge, containing a critical advisory analysis of your adherence to the GDPR,” explains Pearce. Armed with this report, organisations can then step past the personal data audit recommendation and begin to plan the actual changes needed for May 2018.

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