Infinigate UK Staff New Year's Resolutions - VSEC Newsletter January 2019 Edition

The new year is in full swing and what better way to embrace it than with some resolutions! So, we asked various members of Infinigate staff what they were hoping to achieve this year or any lifestyle changes they were looking to implement for the up and coming 12 months.

"My goal this year is to eat less chocolate."
- James, Senior Vendor Sales Specialist

"This year I aim to finally grow to 6ft tall, make a new friend & do a pull up correctly."
- Victoria, Vendor Sales Specialist

"This year I'd like to spend more time expressing my artistic side by doing more painting, drawing and zentangling."
- Sam, Vendor Manager

"This year after 18 years, I aim to stop smoking cigarettes - I'm currently smoking through a vape which is great"
- Dan, Partner Channel Manager

"My new years resolution is to reduce the amount of plastic I use for eating, drinking and baggage to do my bit to save the ocean."
- Natalija, Finance Manager

"My new year’s resolution is to be happier and stress less. I spent a lot of 2018 worried about unnecessary things that I forgot to focus on the good!"
- Kayley, Vendor Sales Specialist

"Last year my diet was not great and I was awful for snacking on junk food! So my new years resolution is to eat healthy and get my fitness back on track."
- Catrina, Senior Marketing Executive

"My new years resolution is to think of a new years resolution for next year :)"
- Mikhail, Vendor Manager

"Some of my goals this year include acquiring 2 additional houses, getting my racing license and completing my racecar."
- Tom, Vendor Account Manager

"I don't really do new years resolutions normally but this year I want to make more time for my loved ones and people closest to me."
- Kris, Vendor Sales Specialist

"1) Take up yoga and meditation for positive thinking and stress management. 2) Get serious about saving money this year after spending far too much on travelling in recent years! 3) Participate in community volunteering programs in LA where I am based, where there are 52,000+ homeless people."
- Lulu, Marketing Manager

"My new years resolution is to go to more Arsenal matches at the Emirates Stadium!"
- Ashley, Receptionist

"This year my goal is to finally travel to Asia"
- Hanie, Marketing Campaign Manager

"My new years resolution is to quit smoking!"
- Misha, Assistant Accountant

"I aim to get through a book at least every 2 months this year - so 6 in 2019 which is a lot for me as I’m a slow reader :)"
- Anh, PM / Item Admin

"This year my goal is to finally learn to drive as I hate public transport!"
- Adeola, Vendor Sales Specialist