IT Security Trends for 2019 - VSEC Newsletter January 2019 Edition

The IT industry is renowned for its trendy tech buzzwords, of which most get overlooked, so we asked some employees at Infinigate their opinions on the ones to watch in 2019 and where they feel the market is going.

1. Managed Security Services

Managed security services is arguably the number one topic of interest for the IT security channel. As IT security evolves and becomes more complicated, we are seeing a shortfall in the number of qualified IT security specialists. The answer to this is managed security services; when organisations are unable to staff their own teams with the necessary skill set, outsourcing is the only option.

2. Cloud

Closely related to managed security services is the adoption of Cloud services; primarily Office 365, Microsoft Azure and AWS where the market is accelerating. Securing hybrid cloud IT environment systems and offering cloud security solutions to replace traditionally on-premise ones is rapidly spreading through the security market and in some areas is already quite mature e.g SEG.

3. Artificial Intelligence / AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology which can re-enact the work and reactions of a human. Such examples include speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. Security aside, AI is a real trend across all areas of technology therefore is an important theme for the channel to focus on this year.

4. Automation

Closely linked with Artificial Intelligence, automation works to remove mundane and repetitive human-based processes through an automated one. We see a heavy use of automation in factory-like environments through machinery and other operating equipment.

5. Compliance

Compliance remains one of the most important drivers for the IT security industry. Companies face an increasing amount of compliance to keep on top of, particularly with 4 major new or updated pieces in the last 12 months. Infinigate have set up an integrated strategy for these 4 legislations, as there are many common requirements to help partners and customers follow suit easily.

6. Incident Readiness and Response

Growth in the incident response market reflects that customers expect an incident to occur; this is no longer really a question as even the best prepared companies experience breaches. Customers are aware they need to take steps to reduce the cost and impact when one does happen. Therefore partners need to be equipped with the right advice, tools and services to rectify and/or minimise any damage done.

7. Internet of Everything

Moving beyond the concept of just Internet of Things (IoT), this will encompass our entire lives; not only through electronic devices we use but also the way we supply and use data and how those around us use our data to provide services (healthcare, insurance etc). It will also incorporate us in ways such as how we act (gestures, mannerisms etc.) and our statistics (activities, heart rate etc.).

8. Identity Management

Identity is becoming more critical than ever as information data security has had its meteoric rise. Now not only are we focusing on people who request access but also the different devices and applications that they are using to do so.